The Guild of Social Dancers

The Guild of Social Dancers

  • $60.00

Fridays, 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Coached by: Jeff Territo and Jamie Blair
Dues: Month to month - $60 regular, $50 student 
Full summer - $150 regular, $120 student


This mixed-level team/practice group focuses on honing the skills that will make you an excellent social dancer.  It is designed to be creative, inspiring, collaborative, and social! After practice, team members are encouraged to head over to OSDS together to dance the night away!

Dancers can join at one of two levels:

Apprentice - For dancers who want to learn, practice, and grow, and who have lots of suggestions for class ideas that they’d like to learn about from the coaches.  Apprentice-level members should have been dancing for at least a year or two, and may have taken high level local classes or have been members of a performance troupe.  At this level, team members will be expected to suggest class topics and give constructive feedback when asked.

Journeyman - For dancers who want to collaborate, share exercises, ideas, and experiments, and get some practice teaching as well!  Dancers at the Journeyman level should have been dancing for a couple of years now, and may have travelled to workshops or competitions outside the city. At this level team members have a bit more say in what the team focuses on, and will be expected to contribute and lead exercises for the rest of the group.

This team does not focus on learning or performing choreography, and is strictly non-acrobatic.  If you know you will be away some weeks, don't worry! Team members can participate for the full term, or just for the months you will be around.