Learn to dance Charleston at Side Street Swing Ottawa

Charleston 2: Tuesdays, 8:30 - 10:00 pm, Nov 13 - 27 (3 weeks)

  • $75.00

Charleston is a very high energy dance, characterized by lots of kicking and sweeping feet.  Think of flappers, speakeasies, and the height of the jazz era, and you'll be in the right area!  
Based on traditional African-American dance forms and adapted for broadway in the 1920's, Charleston became a huge dance craze that continued to grow and evolve in the following decades. Both 20's and 30's Charleston can be danced either solo or with a partner, and can be adapted to mix with other swing dances.  

In this class we move on from the Charleston basics to look at what makes this dance different and special, what to do with it beyond the basics, and where it intersects with Lindy Hop.  Get ready to kick up your heels!

This class assumes some familiarity with basic Charleston Rhythm and/or partnered swing dancing.  Before registering for this class, we recommend that students have taken **at least one** of the following:
- Solo Charleston
- Charleston 1
- Swing 2 or higher

111a Rideau St (3rd floor)
Ottawa, ON