Teachers and Staff

Travis Matte

Travis Matte teaches at Side Street Swing in Ottawa



Travis began his dance career while studying classical guitar at the University of Ottawa in 2005. He quickly realized that learning to dance and play music gave him a better understanding of both. In 2007 he competed for the first time at the Canadian Swing Championships and has never looked back. Since then, Travis has not only completed a Bachelors Degree in Music (Classical guitar) and another in Education, but has also won multiple awards in Lindy Hop, Balboa, West Coast Swing, and many other styles from competitions such as the Canadian Swing Dance Championships, Boston Tea Party, Canadian Balboa Championships, Swing-a-dance, ILHC (Teams), and many others. Furthermore, he is a current member of the Swingin Air Force Squad, one of the most prestigious competition Lindy Hop teams in the world.

Known for being a bit of a youtube junky, Travis has combined influences from many of the top dancers in the world to create his own personal style of swing. His teaching philosophy is to encourage people to find their own style and to inspire people to be creative while still giving a strong fundamental understanding of technique. Most of all, he strives to convey the love of the dance that still motivates him to work on his dancing to this day.


 Laura Smith

Laura Smith teaches at Side Street Swing in Ottawa

Laura Smith is a swing dance instructor from Ottawa, one of the owners of the newly founded Side Street Swing.  She has been dancing and teaching swing for over 10 years, and loves to share her passion with others!  Laura has been invited to teach, compete and perform all over North America, most recently right here in Ottawa as part of the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill. 

Laura's greatest source of pride is watching her students learn and grow, and she can't wait to see you on the dance floor!


 Jeffrey Territo

Jeffrey Territo teaches at Side Street Swing in Ottawa

Jeff is an Engineer. He spends his days wrangling electrons on a cubicle farm in Kanata, but when the sun goes down he races his motorcycle to the dance studio to get your legs moving. For years Jeff has been dancing, competing, choreographing and performing Lindy Hop, but he gets the most satisfaction from teaching others the dance; that, and watching the room groan at his awful analogies.

He has traveled to workshops all over North America to learn from the best, and hopes to foster Swing dancing enthusiasm and excellence at home in Ottawa.


Jeremy Prudhomme 

Jeremy Prudhomme teaches at Side Street Swing in Ottawa


Jeremy works in broadcasting and video production and also makes films in his spare time. Hailing from Aylmer Quebec, Jeremy started dancing Lindy Hop in 2010 in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec city. Jeremy is also well versed in other styles of Swing such as Balboa, St-Louis Shag, Boogie Woogie, Jive, Collegiate Shag and Tap. 

Jeremy competed at many events in the last 2 years and has made the podium in Jive, Boogie and Lindy Hop! He also performed at Ottawa events such as the Tulip festival and the Army ball. Jeremy is also part of the Ottawa Swing Dance Society exec since 2012. He competes mainly for fun but also believes they are a good tool to build up your confidence in both dancing and in life. Jeremy's philosophy on dancing is simple: After knowing, understanding, and mastering different styles of connections, you can really enjoy dancing to the fullest and master any movement with a bit of practice.

Jeremy believes that dance is not like any other extreme sport and you can't ever finish learning, therefore he continues to hone his skills as both a performer and teacher.


Kalyn Jobb


Kalyn started her dancing career with ballet, tap, and jazz at the age of 5, and she hasn't stopped dancing since! She started swing dancing when she began university, in 2006, and was immediately smitten by the partner dance. As she had only been exposed to solo dancing previously, she was especially drawn to the magic of connecting and conversing with ones partner through dance, as well as the friendly and supportive community of dancers here in Ottawa.

She was also delighted when she was later able to return to her solo dance roots and has since become one of Ottawa's top solo jazz and charleston dancers. Kalyn has performed with a number of partnered and solo teams and groups all around Ottawa and has been spotted performing at The Ottawa Gala, The War Museum, The Museum of Civilization, The main stage on Parliament Hill's Canada Day Celebration, and at various bus stops when she thought no one was looking.

Teaching has always been one of Kalyn's greatest passions. In her teaching, she emphasizes both the technical and artistic aspects of swing dancing, striving to find the most approachable ways for her students to explore new concepts and techniques, and encouraging her students to express their personalities through movement and connection.

Affectionately known as "The Wolf" by fellow swing dancers , Kalyn is a talented pastry chef by day, and you should probably try her cakes and cookies because they're delicious.


Erik Morris

Erik Morris teaches at Side Street Swing in Ottawa

Erik considers himself a bit of a goof.  Also a resident artist, he sometimes thinks that he was born in the wrong era.  Erik started dancing three years ago, jumping into the scene with both feet and never slowed down since. Having competed at CSC, Montreal Swing Riot, O-Town Showdown, Montreal Dance Fest, as well as Toronto Toss Out, Erik is definitely no stranger to competition. He has also performed on Parliament Hill for Canada Day 2015, and several other venues around Ottawa.

Erik takes a very lighthearted and playful approach to teaching, to focus on letting people to enjoy themselves first. Doing something is more fun than talking about it, and he very much believe that is the case with dance.