Looking for ways to save money with Side Street Swing?  You may be eligible for a discount!  Just read through the descriptions below to see if any of the options apply to you.  If so, be sure to enter the appropriate code in the "discounts" section of the check out page when you place your order!  

Discount Codes:

PARTNER - $10 off if you sign up with a partner (Note: you must put the name of your partner in the comments section of the checkout)

EARLYBIRD - $10 off if you sign up more than a week in advance

STUDENT - $10 off if you are a student (Note: you must present your valid student card to the teacher at the first class for verification)

RETAKE - 50% off the price of the class if you have already taken the class before.  (Offer is not valid with any other discount, must e-mail confirmation of previous class to

Combined Discounts

EP - Combined EARLYBIRD and PARTNER discount - $20

SE - Combined STUDENT and EARLYBIRD discount - $20

SP - Combined STUDENT and PARTNER discount - $20

ESP - Combined EARLYBIRD, STUDENT, and PARTNER discount - $30


Discount Codes if you sign up for TWO classes at the same time:
(whether it be for yourself or you are paying for yourself and another person)

X2PARTNER - $10 off per class (total: $20 discount)

X2EARLYBIRD - $10 off per class (total: $20 discount)

X2STUDENT - $10 off per class (total: $20 discount)

X2EP - $20 off per class (total: $40 discount)

X2SE - $20 off per class (total: $40 discount)

X2SP - $20 off per class (total: $40 discount)

X2ESP - $30 off per class (total: $60 discount)

- Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions-