Lindy Lab - Ottawa swing dance class

LINDY LAB, Jan 17 - Feb 21, Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:30pm (6 Weeks)

  • $129.00

This class is now SOLD OUT for followers!  

In this class, you will work on perfecting your dancing!  This is a series of small group semi-private lessons, with a great mixture of group exercises and personal feedback based on what the teachers see each week.  The Lindy Lab is a place to work on whatever *you* need, and can cover anything from basic technique, to cool rhythms and moves, to styling and musicality!  Every week will feature a different set of teachers, meaning every class you will be getting new information and a different point of view.  To make sure that everyone gets adequate personal attention, class size is limited.  Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Prerequisites for this class:
You must be familiar with the fundamentals of Lindy Hop, as well as some Charleston.  You should be able to do a swingout comfortably, change between 6 and 8 counts patterns easily, (ex: doing an underarm turn to a swingout), and be able to dance in and out of side by side Charleston.

We recommend this class for dancers who have completed Swing 3 or Swing 4, who are transferring from other cities, or who have been social dancing for many years but have not taken formal lessons before. You do not need a partner to register for this class, however you will get more out of it if you have someone with whom you can practice while the teachers are working with other people.

Teachers: Various

111a Rideau St.
3rd Floor