Intro to Acrobatics! May 27 - Jun 24, Mondays, 8:30 - 10:00 (5 weeks)

  • $135.00

Welcome to the wonderful world of swing dance acrobatics!
From the moment Frankie Manning first tossed Freda Washington over his head in the Savoy Ballrom, aerials or "air steps" have been an integral (and impressive!) part of the dance.  If you've always wanted to learn, this is the perfect introduction!

In this 5 week series, six of Ottawa's most experienced swing acrobats (swing-o-bats?) will take you through the basic skills required to make aerials work - jumps, tucks, lifts, falls, timing, landing, and most importantly, spotting!  These skills are useful across the board, whether you are a seasoned acrobat or taking your very first step into the air.

This is an advanced series - dancers must have been dancing socially for at least a year, and should have completed at least ONE of the following in order to participate:
 - Swing 4,
 - Lindy Lab,
 - Member of a swing dance team,
 - OR equivalent experience

This class does not require a partner, however it does require you to choose a dance role (flier or base).  The material builds from one week to the next, and assumes that all students will be present for all 5 weeks.  If you know or suspect that you will be missing more than one class during the series, we recommend waiting for the next one. Safety is our top priority - the teachers always reserve the right to ask you not to progress to the next exercise, at any time and at their sole discretion. 

Jamie Blair and Erik Morris
Shannon MacGillivray and Bill Ewanick
Natasha Harris and Gavin Wolf

Location: 111a Rideau St, 3rd floor