Photo credit: Bruno Avard

Choreography Incubator - Apr 8 - May 13, Mondays, 8:30 - 10:00

  • $100.00

Have you ever watched an amazing piece of choreography and thought "man, I wish I could do that"?

In this class, creative force Kalyn Jobb will take you through the process of making and performing your own choreographies.  Each week will involve a new challenge, which you and a buddy will use to create something fun to perform for the group.  We'll cover how to pick and break down songs, ways to deal with creative blocks, how to use the music to your advantage, and much more!  

This class is perfect for anyone who's interested in creating their own dance projects, but doesn't really know where to start. The challenges are designed for two people to work together, whether they are partnered, a pair of solo dancers, or a mix of both!  

This is a true all-levels class. You and your partner will work on your own ideas, and the other pairs will work on theirs!  Unlike other classes where the difficulty of the material has to fit the level of the whole group, here the only limit on the complexity of your work is your own skill and inventiveness. Whether you are just coming out of the swing series or you've been doing choreography for years, this class will help you to try new things and push your creative limits. 

Price: $100/person, $90/each if one person signs up on behalf of both partners. 

Because this class requires a buddy, the partner discount has already been applied.  Please state your buddy's name when you register.